A curated learning platform focused on financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa

Gateway Academy seeks to close the capacity gap between demand and supply in the financial inclusion capacity building market.

Through our partnerships with financial service providers and industry stakeholders, we identify training and knowledge gaps in the market. We then address these gaps through a marketplace approach of offering self-paced and facilitated courses by various content providers, as well as cultivating communities of practice.

  • Marketplace

    Marketplace approach

    Financial service providers can access a diversity of content from high-quality institutions, while training service providers can expand the reach of their content to new audiences and identify areas of demand.

  • Low-bandwith

    Low-bandwidth & offline access

    Gateway Academy developed an app for learners to access course content offline and in situations with low internet connectivity. Learners can interact with their courses anytime, anywhere via their mobile device.

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  • Sub-Saharan Africa

    Developed for local context

    Courses offered on Gateway Academy by training and content providers take into account the specific needs of the region. Current course offerings are tailored towards financial service providers in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

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